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Main form
The software is very easy, you learn it in less than an hour and you do it all from a single form!

Note that the mask of the client's detail are available on a single screen all the relevant information of the customer for an agile reading of his situation. All lists are in reverse order by date so you have head the most recent information. To get more detailed information in list you can always make a double click in the fields that have the label in blue to read or edit (maybe update a payment has been made) the information in the list.

The prints, the pride
The main print is for the management of the gym: analysis of receipts.
The board summarizes all members of the month, or arbitrary period, and for each of them indicates whether a fee was collected, what is the value in that month of subscription for several months any receipt, various percentages and average prices more than the general total receipts.

The same print can also be done by month in order to have a concise annual profit summary for strategic decisions on the management!

These prints can be customized in hundreds of ways, can be printed instead of the name of the registered a total by sex, course, address: there are dozens of fields that you can choose from the master list.
You can also print only new customers, only customers lost with corresponding phone number, only members to a certain course, or practice restrictions on the printed data by setting the values in the box FILTER AND SORTS SIMPLIFIED

There are also several quick preset prints for everyday use that almost never shown the total collected and for this are intended more for collaborators or employees.

Finally, if your door opener computer is installed and data of daily entries with customer by customer entry hour, you have several prints on peak usage, essential to seek customers who has the flessibility to come in times of inflection, in order to increase the number of customers that attend the club without straining too much with too many contemporary attendances in the gym locals.

This is the menu from where you run prints relating to the usage data of the cards, there are several prints of analytical individual entries done, with graphs of the usage, pre-set according to the occupation of the customers in order to have a quick summary of hours of their usage and finally reports of contracts customer to customer.

All these prints are best explained in the user manual can be downloaded from the section download.
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